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Keywords for improving your ranking at Google and other search engines.
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E-books, free e-books, Euro 2012 e-books
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 03 Sep 2012

Keywords for improving your ranking at Google and other search engines.


Use keyword research in order to improve your ranking at Google and other search engines.

The keywords which you target on your site will determine what kind of searches your site receive at search engines and after that which visitors will came to your site. New websites doing their keyword research for the first time so they don’t have they history to analyze which keywords are the best to be used.

Here are few keyword research tips for new websites to help ensure they can get right visitors from the very beginning...

Choose Keywords on a Page Basis

It’s so important that you target completely unique keywords on each page of your website based on the content of that page. The content on your site is what is going to back up your keyword selection and help that page do well in the search engines.
If you try to put a keyword on a page where it isn’t the main focus of the content you’ll never do as well for that keyword as you would like. Best practice dictates that you can target 2-5 keywords per page on your site, so make sure you’re sticking with the most relevant options!

Use the Long Keywords/Phrases

It is recommended for new websites to use long keywords/phrases (“SoftFern portal - news, tutorials, photos, graphics, e-books, icons, wallpapers”) into their content.
These long keywords may have a much lower search volume, but that also means there is less competition and a more targeted searcher who is closer to match them. By targeting these long keywords you will help your site survive long enough to build that trust so you can start to go after some broader keywords down the road and do well.

Analyze Search Volume Dictate Your Keyword Selection

Some keywords like “web” or “Internet” get enormous searches at search engines. Remember, the higher the search volume the more competition there will be for that keyword. Your new website is going against big brands that have been online and doing SEO for a lot longer than you. So you have very low chance to get noticed by use the keywords with high volume.

So what should be done here? You just have to narrow your targeting keywords. You can specify your keywords, e.g.: “graphics for web” or “graphic design for Internet”. This will ensure that you will get more precisely results at search engines.

Make Search Results Reflect What You Mean

When someone searches for “windows” there are chances to get Microsoft operating system as well as those transparent or translucent openings in a wall or door that allows the passage of light.

Remember that different keywords can be used to search for the same thing, while the same keywords can be used to search for different things. Thus it is very important that you keep user intent in mind when choosing your keywords because that will determine the kind of visitor that comes to your website. Having more visitors is great, but having targeted visitors is much better.

Change Your Keywords

When you set your keywords at the beginning, don’t stop this business. You have to analyze which keywords bring you the most of the visitors. Also, think which new keywords can be used to give your web sites even better ranking at search engines.

Remember, the keywords you target will create the scope of your SEO campaign and impact the kind of visitors that find your site.

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