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Bikini - 65.
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 17 Aug 2011

Bikini - 65.


Sixty-five years ago, on July 5th 1946, the world's first bikini made its debut at a popular poolside fashion show in Paris, France.

When it first arrived, French fashion models refused to wear it. Then Louis Reard, a French car engineer who was introduced the first true version of what we know as the “bikini”, had to enlist a nude dancer, Micheline Bernardini, from the Casino de Paris instead.

So below are some pictures of bikini history:

1966 Raquel Welch “Discover a savage world where the only law is lust!” In One Million Years BC, a strange caveman adventure film, Welch is seen wearing a torn, fur-lined brown leather bikini.

1962 Ursula Andress The most famous bikini scene in the history of cinema, from the 1962 James Bond Classic 'Dr. No.' In the scene Andress ermerges from the water wearing an off-white bikini.

Ancient women in a garment similar to the bikini


1962 Ursula Andress sits on a boat deck in Dr. No

1964 Sports Illustrated publishes first swimsuit issue

1964 First monokini released.

1976 Farrah Fawcett wears a one-piece bikini.

1983 Carrie Fisher

1989 - 1999 Baywatch

1999 Wild Things

1999 Katy Perry - green bathing suit.

Miss USA 2010


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The grand Victoria's Secret fashion show in New York, part II

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Maria Sharapova, the most marketable player in the history of women’s tennis.


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