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SU-35 Super-Flanker
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 29 Dec 2011

SU-35 Super-Flanker


The Su-35 is a multipurpose manoeuvrable fighter combining high agility and capacity to intercept air targets with a capability to attack ground and water surface targets by both unguided and guided, including high precision, weapons.

The Su-35 is intended to destroy existing and prospective remotely piloted vehicles, cruise missiles and other manoeuvrable targets against the earth background, day and night and in all weathers, to deliver pre-emptive strikes at any air enemy, including hardly discernible visual objects, to engage ground (and water surface) targets by carrying out standoff attacks with diverse guided weapons, including high-precision ones.

The installation of a new set of airborne equipment and additional (as compared to the Su-27) weapon systems on the aircraft required more hardpoints, a robust airframe, and called for changes in many airborne and airframe systems. The main landing gear struts have been modified and the two-wheel nose leg ruggedized.

The Su-35 avionics equipment:

• new-generation forward-looking pulse-doppler radar with a phased antenna array
• rearward-looking radar
• optical locator with combined functions of infra-red imager and laser range finder
• weapons control system
• helmet-mounted target designator
• radio reconnaissance system
• defence complex
• integrated display system using three high-contrast monochrome CRT's
• communications and navigation equipment

To penetrate enemy air defences, the Su-35 can fly at low altitudes using its terrain following and obstacle avoidance feature.
The armament of the aircraft consists of a fixed gun, aerial bombs, guided and unguided missiles. The missile-bomb armament is arranged at 12 hardpoints and contains:

• prospective medium-range, type RVV-AE, air-to-air 'fire-and- forget' active homing missiles;
• medium-range air-to-air missiles of the R-27 family with semi- active radar and passive IR guidance, with engines both conventional and having increased power-to-weight ratio
• highly agile missiles of the R-73 class for close air maneuver combat with passive IR guidance and combined (air- and gas-dynamic) control
• the X-31A and X-31P air-to-ship and air-to-radar missiles with active and passive radar guidance and capable of flying at a supersonic speed
• the X-29 air-to-surface missiles with laser and TV guidance
• incendiary tanks, 100-kg, 250-kg and 500-kg bombs and bomb clusters for various purposes, including those fitted with a brake and used for low-altitude attacks

Overall, over 70 versions of guided and unguided weapon stores may be employed, which allows the aircraft to fly most diverse tactical missions.

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