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Tips for bikini model - workout and diet
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 20 Jun 2012

Tips for bikini model - workout and diet


KnowYour Body

When you listen closely to what your body is telling you, you will notice how it responds to the amount (and type) of food, exercise and rest that you give it.

Remember, it is your choice how you care for your body - nobody else's. You can either give it the best fuel available and fine-tune it like a brand new Ferrari or let it rot like a junk car waiting to be made into scrap metal. Get to know your body and focus on what it feels like when you are at your very best and just aim to feel that way every day of your life.

Can you remember how your body feels after a night of drinking and bad food, but more importantly you also know how wonderful you feel when you eat right, drink plenty of water and get enough rest.

Follow Your Daily Caloric Consumption

You need to consume reasonable amount of food to maintain and/or lose weight.

Formula for Average Daily Calories To Maintain Your Weight:

Take your weight and multiply it by 12 and that is the amount of calories you need to consume daily.

E.g. - if you weigh 150 pounds then you should be consuming 1,800 calories daily.

Formula for Weight Loss:

To make a weight loss of one to two pounds per week (this is just safe), all you need to do is subtract calories from your daily total.

If you want to lose one pound, you should shed 500 calories per week. For two pounds, you should subtract 1,000, etc.

Eat More And More Often

Don't starve yourself! Your body will go out of whack and go into survival mode by going after your muscle tone (not the fat) and will only leave you feeling weak and "skinny fat." Eating more often maintains a normal level of blood glucose which promotes steady energy levels throughout the day.

Steady energy comes from a steady intake of foods. By eating 3 meals and 2 snacks per day you will boost your metabolism and your body will burn stored fat (provided that you are exercising on a regular basis). Remember, when calories are consumed, there is a thermic effect that takes place, and your metabolism rises in order to process those calories.

It is simple; the more often you eat, the more 'thermic' effect the body is getting, thus a higher metabolism overall. When I eat this way, I can feel my metabolism responding and hear my body saying "thank you!"
Eating More Often Will Burn More Fat Provided You Exercise Regularly.

Eating more often will burn more fat provided you exercise regularly.

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11.07.2012    Adela

the principles are the same, thgouh how the principles actually apply to people has minor differences between the sexes: this is why we're on the other site There's also a book on body language written by an ex-FBI agent: `Speed Reading the Body', J

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