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Microsoft Windows 8 – first look
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 24 Sep 2011

Microsoft Windows 8 – first look


Last week Microsoft officially unveiled its highly revised new operating system in front of an audience of software developers.
Now the most convenient way of work with new OS is a touchscreen tablet, although you can still use Windows 8 with a mouse and keyboard. The Windows 8 difference is obvious from the moment you boot it up.

Getting around in the new shell via a touchscreen device tablet requires mastering a few gestures:
Swipe in from the right side of the screen to display the vertical strip of “charms” (that’s the official name) shown here. The five icons replace the Windows Start menu and allow quick access to commonly used functions. A Windows button in the center returns to the Start screen (mimicking the action of the equivalent hardware key with the Windows logo on it). While the charms column is visible, the main screen also shows the date and time and provides quick visual indicators for battery life, WiFi status, and other useful details.
Metro-style apps are borderless and occupy the full screen. If your display has a high resolution, you can snap a Metro-style app into a skinny strip along the side, with another one occupying the remainder of the screen. Ironically, the feature that gave the operating system its name is gone for new Metro-style apps—there’s no option for overlapping windows except on the traditional desktop.

When a Metro-style app is running, you can swipe up from the bottom or down from the top to display commands that are available for that app, as shown here. This behavior provides uniform access to app-specific commands and options for any program written to use the new Metro style.

When multiple Metro-style apps are open, you use another gesture—a quick swipe in from the left edge of the screen—to switch between apps. (The familiar Alt+Tab and Windows key+tab shortcuts work as well.)

Of course, you can use the familiar pinch gesture to zoom in or out in photos, web pages, and other places where that option makes sense.

If you use a keyboard and mouse, the same controls are available, but the techniques to access them are slightly different. To reveal the charms, for example, you move the mouse to the lower left corner of the screen—the spot where the Start button traditionally lived.
If you tap a finger anywhere that accepts alphanumeric input, you’ll see an on-screen keyboard like the one shown below. It looks a like the one in Windows Phone 7. Actually, Windows 8 contains a lot of visual similarities to the Windows Phone OS.

You can reconfigure the keyboard so that its keys are evenly split between the left and right halves. That makes it easier to type with your thumbs while gripping the tablet with two hands.

The new search interface appears when you click or tap the Search icon at the top of the list of charms. Doing so slides out a search pane, with a box at the top where you can begin typing text. If you want to constrain the search to files, apps, or settings, those options are all available. You can also point the search to an app (like Internet Explorer) and send the search to that app. See image below with the sample of some search.

The Metro-style Control Panel provides a telemetry-driven subset of all the commands available in the traditional Control Panel, which is accessible in the classic Windows desktop.

If you look carefully on that screen, you can see a pair of new Windows 8 features. With a few clicks (and an administrator’s credentials) you can refresh or reset your PC. What’s the difference? A reset puts your PC back to factory settings, wiping out data in the process. A refresh is similar to a System Restore operation, restoring your operating system to a known good state while keeping data files and settings intact.

For the most part, the traditional Windows desktop acts like a full-screen app. Any Win32 apps run in that environment, where you can move and arrange app windows using all the familiar techniques from earlier Windows versions (including the Windows 7 Aero Snap techniques).

Every Metro-style app has access to a full range of system services, including the ability to pick files from a screen that looks like no Windows dialog box you’ve seen before.

One place where the old desktop occasionally intrudes into the new, modern shell is with the appearance of the restyled task manager. Clicking its icon on the Start screen pops up a simple list of running apps, with an End Task button you can use to kill a program that isn’t responding. See screenshot below.

Clicking the More Details arrow at the bottom displays an expanded Task Manager, similar to the one shown below. The additional details on the Processes tab, for example, allow you to see at a glance whether an individual app is using a disproportionate amount of memory, CPU resources, or network bandwidth. The App History tab provides a historical view of the same data.

New desktop.

This is traditional layout of the keyboard on a touchscreen.

And this is the split, thumb-friendly layout

When you perform search: displays search results

Control Panel

New look of Task Manager

Sample of picture password login usage: you tap on the monkey’s right paw, then tap on the left paw, and finally draw a circle around the goose in the upper right corner. This will log you to the system.

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