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Konad Stamping Nail Art how to
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 15 Jun 2011

Konad Stamping Nail Art how to


Here are the steps on how to use the Konad stamping nail art: • Select from Konad’s picture pattern the design you want. • Put the Konad’s unique nail polish over the design that you preferred. Be certain that it wrap the whole design. • Scratch crosswise the figure plate with the scraper to take away excess polish. Be certain that you scratch until the border of the plate so that your stamp will simply pick up the image. • Push the stamp strongly above the image design. • Stamp strongly the design on your nail with a tender rolling movement or by plainly pushing it downwards. Prior to stamping, you can make sure that you have selected the image design completely and precisely. It is essential that you stamp the design as rapidly as you can to your nail ahead of drying up. You can now enjoy decorating your nails with these simple procedures of Konad stamping.

 Hair & Beauty

 Hair & Beauty

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